EFL Online Teacher Resources Pack

To help you prepare distance teaching activities, we have created different templates to use, spreadsheets for data management, and contextualized games for practicing our curriculum content. These resources are part of an online teacher resource pack for you. You are more than welcome to customize them as you need and use these resources as you wish to continue creating those wonderful classes you always do.


In this section, you can find different types of templates for different purposes: creating diplomas, decorating your online classroom, designing rules for Whatsapp and creating checklists for evaluation. All of them are customizable to your preference. You only need to download and modify them!


Virtual Classrooms

Whatsapp Rules


Spreadsheets for data management

Spreadsheets for data management are a super useful tool that will help you to organize your class. You can register the course attendance, track the different activities you send your students, and record the evaluations on a rating scale. You only need to download the spreadsheets and use them right away! If you have any doubts about using them, there is a tutorial that will help you with the step by step for each spreadsheet.


Entrega de actividades



Bringing games into your virtual classroom can help motivate students, make your lessons more interactive and use the contents in a contextualized task. In this section, you will find 3 games built on Power Point to have fun with the contents of prek through 4th grade. Just download the ppts, open and set on presentation mode to see what each game is about. Have fun!

Hide and Guess Game - Food

Wheel Game - Family

Memory Game - Body Actions

Hide and Guess Game - Clothes

Wheel Game - Birthday

Memory Game - Classroom Objects

Hide and Guess Game - School Places

Spaceship Game - Family Members

Memory Game - Colors

Hide and Guess Game - Clothes

Spaceship Game - Farm Animals

Memory Game - Occupations

Hide and Guess Game - Animals

Spaceship Game - Sports

Memory Game - Beach

Hide and Guess Game - Occupations

Spaceship Game - Places in the Big City

Memory Game - School Clothing